Before End Up with Regret,Headache and Hangover, Take one.
Natural Power and 4 Okinawa Turmeric Will Help You.





9 Health-Beneficial & Natural Ingredients for Your Health

Made with maximally eliminating synthetic ingredients
while incorporating 9 natural ingredients – 4 organic Okinawa turmeric and 5 natural ingredients.


Take Care of Your Whole Body While & After Drink

Not only focusing on autumn turmeric, which has high choleretic effect, but also using other 3
turmeric and natural ingredients such as black ginger, black bean, long pepper, fermentation broth
of Awamori, in order to cure your whole body



Handy package, small tablets, affordable price even using natural and high-quality ingredients



9 Health-Beneficial & Natural Ingredients for Your Health

It doesn’t make sense if the supplement is not made from health-friendly ingredients while you take it for your health. 

“SAKEKING®” is developed based on the idea that a supplement for health should be made from
health-friendly ingredients. With maximally eliminating chemical ingredients, we selected 9 natural
ingredients as main component – 4 kinds of organic (without certification) turmeric from Okinawa
and 5 natural ingredients rich in nutrition such as potassium, citric acid, amino acid, and taurine.




What Special About “Okinawa Ogon” Turmeric

What is Turmeric?

While getting more and more popular worldwide, autumn turmeric had been
incorporated in daily life in Okinawa from Ryukyu Kingdome era(1429-1879). It is
said that its root helps to maintain our internal environment.
Curcumin, the main component in Autumn turmeric, is metabolised to
tetrahydro curcumin and it helps our liver function etc.


What is the health benefit of Turmeric?

After curcumin is metabolised to tetra hydro curcmin, it stimulates biliation,
which helps the function of liver, where detoxification is mainly carried.


What makes Okinawa Ogon special?

Super turmeric, Okinawa Ogon naturally includes over 22 times the amount of tetrahydro curcumin in comparison to
normal autumn turmeric! Tetrahydro curcumin is a powerful antioxidant similar to Vitamin C, which is good for


Take Care of Your Whole Body While & After Drink

While common turmeric product only focuses on contained amount of curcumin, SAKEKING not
only contains super autumn turmeric “Okinawa Ogon” but also spring turmeric, purple turmeric, and
other natural ingredients in order to make synergetic effect to our whole body. SAKEKING takes
care of you while and also after drinking.